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Common Beginner problems Common Intermediate problems
> Cannot maintain wedge
> Controlling speed and stopping
> Falling to the inside of the turn
> Tired quad muscles (from leaning back)
> Can turn in one direction only
> Twisting body and flying and flying arms
> Jumping from turn to turn
> Leaning to the inside and onto the inside ski
> Noodler alert
> Pole touch is off
> Tails of my skis skid out
> Upper body leading
> I do "windshield wiper" turns
Common Expert problems Common "Extreme" problems
> I'm "in the back seat" (lean back)
> Whole body leans uphill ("Banking") through turns
> I just can't get my skis to turn quickly in short turns
> I feel off balance in longer radius turns
> My inside ski "hooks"
> I get super tired in the crud
> The tails of my skis skid around
> I get "hung" in a skid
> I just don't have any grip!
I lean way back on my skis
> I like earning frequent flyer miles - but this is ridiculous!
> Two turns and I'm over the speed limit!
> I'm scared to death!
> My skis don't come around quickly enough
> Two turns and I'm over my speed limit!
> My inside ski "hooks"
> I have difficulty starting turns
> I get tired very quickly