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Intermediate goal: "Open" parallel turns

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Summary:  Keeping your skis parallel to each other throughout turns.

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The term "Open" parallel turns refers to the fact that at this level the two skis are held parallel and in a somewhat "open" or spread-apart fashion throughout turns.

Instructors place more emphasis on carving at this stage. While you may still skid most of your turns, work more towards carving them.

Keeping skis parallel throughout turns require:

  • Joints in your legs to be kept flexible and ready to absorb the forces that build up.
  • Constant shin contact with the tongues of your boots.
  • Earlier weight (pressure) shift to the outside ski in the turn.
  • Increased speed.
  • Active steering of the inside ski.
  • A carving outside ski, with skidding tolerated.
  • Your body to face slightly down the hill.

Most importantly: Practice drills in sequence as a means towards our ultimate goal--to have fun!

Work sequentially through the topics and exercises in this goal:

Remember our overall goal--to have fun!

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