Understanding Ski Smarts' approach and philosophy is important if you'd like to rapidly improve your skiing. It boils down to a modest amount of "correct" practice .. that will lead to you laying down great turns. Ski teachers are taught this way and in most cases they'll try to give you drills to do after the lesson is over. In reality it seldom works that way.

Fortunately you now have Ski Smarts!

Here's where Ski Smarts' drills will come in supremely handy. We suggest the following for beginners as well as skiers wishing to progress to the next level:

1. Take at least one solid lesson - preferably a series.

2. Come back to Ski Smarts and work through the Lesson Wizard to select your current level of skiing. This will lead you to a series of drills that are appropriate for the level of skier selected by you.

3. Do the suggested drills diligently until you've mastered them or reached the point where you are ready for the next drill. Believe us -- practice does make perfect!