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Extremes goal: Skiing ice

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+ Icy terrain
SummaryThis may be a trouble-shooting section for many, but consider the possibility of actually having fun on the reflective stuff.

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IMPORTANT! Understanding our approach and philosophy is important if you'd like to successfully use the drills in Ski Smarts
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You will feel particularly at home in this section if you're from the US east coast, but others will find a lot to learn too. Skiing ice effectively demands a special touch that can be put to use on every slope in the world.

In this section, learn to bring sharp edges to the table and the two ways to ski ice

  • By getting on and off your edges as quickly as possible.
  • By applying smooth edge changes without abrupt direction changes and not too much steering across the flow line.

Remember: Practice exercises in sequence as a means towards our ultimate goal--to have fun!

Work sequentially through the topics and exercises in this goal:

Remember our overall goal--to have fun!

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