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By Kobus Reyneke

During the multimedia "revolution" in the early 90's, I passionately started work on a multimedia CD-ROM to be called Ski Smarts. It was to contain hundreds of ski exercises, neatly packaged in lesson plans for use by instructors and ski schools. I initially contacted the PSIA for help in authoring the work and they enthusiastically referred me to Suzie Chase-Motzkin.

Suzie and I agreed on the concept and structure and over a period of several months Suzie wrote most of the exercises from scratch. I then edited them all, added my own exercises and topics and had Allen St. John and Martin Kane edit the final text. Martin (level III PSIA teacher) corrected it from a ski instructor's perspective and Allen did a splendid job making it more readable.

During the winter of 1995 when I was ready to start shooting videos for the CD-ROM, the Internet revolution started braking wide open. At that time AOL was sweeping the market and I happened to notice an upstart AOL site called iSKI. Realizing that the CD-ROM market would soon be threatened by the World Wide Web, I negotiated to have the content of Ski Smarts published on line by iSKI (then an Interzine company.) I also took on the part time job of Managing Editor for iSKI and helped create one of the neatest Internet magazines ever to hit cyberspace. Alas, Times Mirror magazines bought Interzine in 1998 and basically shuttered iSKI - along with the Ski Smarts content.

Fast forward to 1999 when I realized that no other content like it exists. To avoid letting it all go to waste, I published Ski Smarts on-line -- for all to see.

This has been a work of love, requiring huge amounts of time, money and effort. It remains a work in progress and with no sales revenue, basically a charitable effort.

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