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Beginner goal: Beginning parallel turns

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: Beginner
Summary:  Start skiing with your skis parallel.

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Ultimately we'd like to ski with our skis parallel and carving most of the time, because it is the most natural, efficient and fun way down slopes.

Some instructors believe in skipping the "christie" or skidded phase and go straight from wedge turns to carved parallel turns. This is certainly a noble approach, and more achievable with the current breed of "super-sidecut" skis. However, most beginners find a carving ski to be somewhat overwhelming and therefore find comfort in skidded turns.

Strive to carve turns, but be realistic and tolerate skidding.

Magic markers:

Keep the joints in your legs flexible and ready to absorb the forces that build up.
Always keep your shins in contact with the tongues of the boots.
Make a narrower wedge while making large radius turns.
Increase your speed while skiing in a narrow wedge.
Strive to actively guide the inside ski earlier in the turn.
Strive to shift more weight (pressure) to the outside ski, earlier in the turn.
Work on carving your outside ski, but allow the skis to skid slightly around the turns.
Keep your body facing slightly down the hill.

Most importantly: Practice exercises in sequence as a means towards our ultimate goal--to have fun!

Work sequentially through the topics and exercises in this goal:

Remember our overall goal--to have fun!

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