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Shallow, easy turns

Goal: Beginning turns
Level: Beginner
Suggested terrain
: Very gentle beginner slope with natural run out within 50 feet of start position.
Author: Suzy Chase-Motzkin
SummaryLet's take the gliding wedge and make really easy direction changes without having to even think about it.

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Choose your terrain carefully. Pick a quiet area and make sure that the slope is very short, very gentle and has a natural run out at the end.

In a Bullfighter turn, position your skis in a slight wedge. Imagine a line that goes straight down the hill; the flow line. Place your skis so that your tips are on that imaginary line.

Begin gliding and gently lift only the toes of one foot. The ski must remain on the snow and in the wedge. Hold the toes up for a moment and notice that the tips of both skis move off the flow line. Then relax the toes and let the skis drift back to the "line." (Lifting the right toes, turns the skis to the right.)

Next, lift only the toes of the other foot, hold them up for a moment, then relax.

Continue doing this from foot to foot. Lift the toes of one foot, then relax. Lift the toes of the other foot, then relax.

Lift right toes to turn right and left toes to turn left.

Notice that just by lifting the toes of one foot the wedge moves off the line. You don't have to worry about turning, because the skis, with the help of the wedge, turn automatically.


Your shins should maintain light contact with the tongues of your boots.
Make sure that when you lift your toes the ski tip remains on the snow.

Print this out for future reference and remember to have fun!

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