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> A. Getting started - B. First turns - C. Parallel turns

Beginner goal: Getting started

1 of 3 Beginner goals
: Beginner
Summary:  Preparing for your first trip and what to expect when you get to the ski resort.

IMPORTANT! Understanding our approach and philosophy is important if you'd like to successfully use the drills in Ski Smarts
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Skiing should be fun--at every level of the sport. Starting out with some basic knowledge will make your journey considerably more enjoyable. This section contains a wealth of information for the new skier and you are well advised to work through it.

Our goal in this section is to learn about:

  • Trips to resorts.
  • How to select and handle equipment.
  • Moving on snow with your equipment.
  • Getting up after a fall.
  • Climbing hills.
  • Positioning yourself for that first "run."

Work sequentially through the topics and exercises in this goal:

Remember our overall goal--to have fun!

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