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FREE skiing lessons - over 250 drills and instructional topics for every level of skier, plus receive FREE personalized feedback. Whether you've never skied or wish to refine your short turns on ice, you'll find something exciting in Ski Smarts.



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The little, but important facts that will help you become a better skier or start you off in the right direction.
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Trouble-shoot your skiing on line. For all levels of skiers and for extreme stuff like the steeps, powder, crud, moguls, ice, racing, etc. Get FREE feedback.
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"I read your beginners page and had never been told the simple technique of lifting the toes of the foot to make the skis turn. Why is it that no-one had told me this before?! My husband was so surprised. It was like a before/after video: before the `toe technique` a lot of sitting in the snow. Afterwards skiing all day without falling once! I'm so glad I found your site. I'll be checking out the intermediate stuff soon!" ... MaryAnn Cantillon